October 22, 2021

Send The Plantation Bouquet of Fresh Tropical Flowers

When sugar was king in Hawaii, the island of Kauai was definitely royalty. Sugar plantations sprung up in the 19th century like a profusion of tropical flowers in a rainforest. Along with sugar plantation came an elegant Plantation lifestyle that blended east and west, taking the best of both.

Our very unique Plantation Bouquet  reflects that elegance with a stunning selection of tropical flowers, including large Beehive Ginger, Bird of Parasise, Green Midori and Purple Tulip Anthurium, tu-tone Dendrobium Orchid sprays, and more.

Did you know that the plantation town of Koloa  (ko-low’-ah, from ‘ko’ – sugar, and ‘loa’ – long) on Kauai opened Hawaii’s first commercial sugar mill in 1835? The Koloa Plantation issued its own script to buy goods at the company store, and other plantations followed suit, which started a new kind of ‘money’ circulating in the islands, Koloa Landing was made for shipping out the sugar, but was also Hawaii’s 3rd largest whaling port.

Be a part of the elegance and splendor of Kauai’s sugar days. Order our Plantation Bouquet  of tropical flowers online today at Hawaii-Tropical-Flowers.com.

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The Plantation Bouquet   $119.95