October 22, 2021

Send Double Flower Leis — a Traditional Hawaiian Lei

These are genuine Hawaiian leis, as are all the leis from Hawaii-Tropical-Flowers.com. Ku`i  (coo’-ee, literally ‘strung’) in the poe poe  (po’-ay po’ay) fashion, our Double Flower Hawaiian Leis  feature twice the number of orchid blossoms. They provide a fullness that stands out even when combined with the most brilliant of Hawaiian aloha shirts and mumus  (moo’-moos).

For an especially gracious lei on a special occasion, think white… or even white on white, one of the most tropic looks. An elegant contrast to the multi-colored hues that abound in Hawaii. Think of white linen suits and pristine white gowns. Our White Double Dendrobium Hawaiian Lei  is an archtype of pure Hawaiian lovliness, timeless and always in fashion.

The most vibrant of our flower leis is clearly the Double Purple Dendrobium Hawaiian Lei. Using twice the number of orchid blooms as a single strand, this colorful floral necklace celebrates the deep tropic tones of the Pacific islands. A most traditional gift of flowers from Hawaii.

Our Tu-tone Double Flower Hawaiian Leis  feature our unique Tu-tone Dendrobium Orchids that are both white and purple in each blossom. Spectacular! Like our other double flower leis, this rendition is stung in the fancier kui poepoe  fashion to create a much fuller, richer look.

The striking Double White with Purple Double Flower Hawaiian Leis  from Hawaii-Tropical-Flowers.com are made with both our pristine White Dendrobium Orchids, AND a sprinkling of our Purple Dendrobium Orchids. A touch of tropical color, and a touch of class. Whichever Hawaiian lei you select, you can be sure they will be made by hand in Hawaii, with genuine Hawaiian flowers!  Perfect for Weddings and Graduations!

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Double Flower Leis   $39.95