October 24, 2021

Send The Koko Head Bouquet of Fresh Hawaiian Flowers

Everyone’s heard of Diamond Head, that famous landmark on the east end of Waikiki. But a few miles up the coast is great Koko Head, the cinder cone of Oahu’s last active volcano. Though it has been dormant for 10,000 years, it’s still over 1,200 feet high, half again as tall as Diamond Head.

Our Koko Head Bouquet  is a vertical splendor of fresh Hawaiian flowers. Proud stalks of scarlet red Ginger flowers and our finest Heliconia compete for attention with brilliant red Anthurium and exotic sprays of white Dendrobium Orchids. Real Hawaiian greenry from our Hawaii farms provide a background like the rich green sides of Koko Head itself for this vigorous bouquet.

Did you know that in the 60-acre center of Kokohead lies the Koko Crater Botanical Gardens? This is the location of the dryland collection of the Honolulu Botanical Gardens because of the unusually hot, dry climate in the crater. The collection is divided into living specimens from Hawaii, Madagascar, Africa and the Americas. Along the trail to the gardens you will see popular Hawaiian flowers such as plumeria and bougainvillea, and kiawe  (key-aw’-vay) and koa haole  (co’-a how’-lay) trees.

When you want to send a fresh Hawaiian flower bouquet that is far above the ordinary, order our unique Koko Head Bouquet  online. Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee lets you enjoy giving exceptional gifts.

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