October 24, 2021

Send Flowers from Hawaii – The Hawaii Bouquet

On the volcanic island tops of the biggest mountain range in the world, in the most isolated population center on the face of the earth, Hawaiian farmers grow some of the finest tropical flowers on the planet! Admired worldwide, we send flowers of the highest quality from our own farms, fresher and longer lasting than ordinary flower arrangements, and all with “Aloha Wishes from Hawaii.”

The Hawaii Bouquet  was created here on the Orchid Island, the Big Island of Hawaii. In this exclusive design, white Tulip Anthuriums flow like a waterfall through brilliant orange Birds of Paradise and red Ginger into a splash of white Dendrobium Orchids. When you send flowers from Hawaii-Tropical-Flowers.com, you are sending a truly special gift that is sure to be appreciated.

Did you know that the brilliant red ginger flowers of this unique bouquet are called `Awapuhi `Ula`Ula  (ah-wah-poo’-e oo’-la oo’-la) in Hawaiian, and are a part of the `awapuhi `ohana  (ah-wah-poo’-e oh-ha’-na – ginger family) that includes edible ginger so enjoyable in tropical foods? The spectacular red ginger flower has long been prized in Hawaiian floral arrangements and exchanged as gifts between the Hawaiian Ali`i  (ah-lee’-e), royalty of Hawaii.

Now you too can send flowers of royal beauty with “Aloha Wishes from Hawaii.”  to your family and friends, or just keep them for yourself!

Includes free floral vase and free FedEx 2-Day Shipping (website orders only), saving you $25!

In Season:   Yes

The Hawaii Bouquet   $ 104.95