October 22, 2021

Send Flowers from Hawaii – The Rainbow Bouquet

In Hawaii, you can see rainbows almost every day. There are rainbows that plunge into the ocean, rainbows that grace the lush, green hillsides… even round rainbows you can sometimes see from your airplane.

Our Rainbow Bouquet  captures the especially vibrant colors of the tropical Hawaiian rainbow. From the bright reds of our miniature Anthuriums, through the oranges of our finest Heliconia, to the yellows, purples and whites of Hawaii’s exotic orchids, this is a singular display of cheerful Hawaiian colors not available from any other source.

Did you know that the Hawaiian Archipelago of islands contains over 130 pinnacles of land rising from the bottom of the sea? It stretches over 1,600 miles in length from the northernmost coral atoll in the world, Kure Atoll (called Kanemiloha`i in Hawaiian) to the Big Island of Hawaii, the southernmost point of the USA. That means there are a lot of rainbows every day here in the Island Kingdom of Hawaii!

Celebrate the rainbow when you send flowers for Mother’s Day, Valentine’s day, any special occasion, or send flowers for no occasion at all! The traditional gift from Hawaii.

Includes free floral vase and free FedEx 2-Day Shipping (website orders only), saving you $25!

In Season:   Yes

The Rainbow Bouquet   $ 159.95