October 22, 2021

Send Fragrant Maile Leis — a Traditional Hawaiian Lei

Our very traditional Maile Hawaiian Leis  are made from probably the first and most popular plant material used in leis by the pre-discovery Hawaiians. Maile grows on all the Hawaiian Islands, but is slightly different from island to island. It has a long history of being given as an honor to the recipient. In olden times, the lei maile  (lay my’-lay) was presented as a peace offering on the field of battle.

Today, our Maile Leis  are presented at school graduation time, to successful business people, at weddings to the groom and the bride and the rest of the wedding party, to wedding anniversary celebrants, and winners of every kind of sports contest. Our Maile Leis  are a familiar sight on the Big Island of Hawaii each year at Hilo’s Merrie Monarch Festival.

Hawaiian maile leis are created using the Kipu`u  (key-poo’-oo) style of lei making. Leaf stems or short vine lengths are knotted together to make a lei long enough to wear comfortably. It is worn draped over the neck and shoulders, hanging down gracefully on each side in the front. Our genuine Maile Hawaiian Leis  are particularly comfortable leis, and are much favored by men. They are very long lasting leis, with relatively mild fragrance. They can be dried after use by simply hanging in the open air, and made into a keepsake to remember that special moment in life.

You can order Maile Hawaiian Leis  from Hawaii-Tropical-Flowers.com online today, and choose a Single Maile Lei, or Double Maile Lei. Or you can add an elegant twist of real Hawaiian Orchids with our Single Maile Lei with Dendrobium Orchid Twist  or Double Maile Lei with Dendrobium Orchid Twist. Whichever you choose, you know you are giving the traditional gift of flowers from Hawaii.

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