October 23, 2021

Send Ti Leaf Leis — a Traditional Hawaiian Lei

There are flower leis, and there are leis not made of flowers. Both are true Hawaiian leis, and both are traditional choices. Our Ti Leaf Leis  are made by braiding the leaves of the green Ti plant in a variety of styles, both traditional and modern. The classic Ti Leaf Lei  is of Ti leaves only, and is loved by men who do not care to wear a flower lei. Similar is the Ti Leaf Lei with Rosettes  but includes rosettes hand made from Ti leaves. Then there is our elegant Draping Ti Leaf Hawaiian Lei, which is not a closed circle, but rather drapes around the neck and shoulders like a sash

Combining the best of both worlds are our Ti Leaf with White Dendrobium Orchids Lei, which as its name implies contains lovely Hawaiian Orchids. And our Draping Ti Leaf with White Dendrobium Orchids Lei, that is not a closed circle, but rather drapes around the neck and shoulders like a sash. Both would be excellent choices to honor a favored student at graduation time.

The Ti (tee) plant means many good things to Hawaiians. Its leaves were used as plates for food, and for cooking that most delicious of mea ai  (may-ah eye’ – food) called lau lau,  (laow’-laow) which is Ti leaves filled with pork or fish and taro  leaves that taste like spinach when cooked this way. They also used Ti leaves for raincoats, sandals, wrapping ‘paper’, and of course Ti Leaf Leis.

Ti Leaf Hawaiian Leis  are often given as a symbol of respect or honor, so they are perfect for graduation. This relatively low-fragrance lei can last for a very long time, and can be dried simply by hanging in the open air. It can become a keepsake that will keep reminding them of that special time, and you.

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Ti Leaf Leis   $29.95