October 22, 2021

Send The Haleakala Bouquet of Flowers Online

While the darkness is at its deepest, you start the drive up the winding road on the side of the ancient volcano. One by one, the stars wink out as the glow of the predawn extinguishes them. You arrive at the summit of famed Haleakala just in time to get your place.  Suddenly it happens…. and you are seeing one of the legendary sights of Hawaii.  Sunrise from Haleakala!

We have captured the exhilarating feeling of that moment in The Haleakala Bouquet, available only from Hawaii-Tropical-Flowers.com.  Exotic Oshiro Obake Anthuriums are the centerpiece of this Hawaiian floral wonder, blending from green to red even as the sunrise blends from color to color in the sky. Vibrant as the early morning sunlight, Heliconia and Pincushion Protea compliment the Anthuriums, as do the clouds of white Dendrobium Orchids, all fresh cut to your order.

Did you know that the Visitor Center at the summit opens at a different time each day? That is because it opens daily at sunrise! Whenever they open the doors, there are people all around the summit crater, eagerly awaiting one of the most beautiful, unique and exciting sunrises on earth!

Haleakala… inspiration for the most beautiful, unique and exciting Haleakala Bouquet. Order flowers online and have a part of the real Hawaii in your home. What a spectacular gift!

Includes free floral vase and free FedEx 2-Day Shipping (website orders only), saving you $25!

In Season:   Yes

The Haleakala Bouquet   $ 94.95