October 21, 2021

Send The Sail Away Bouquet of Flowers Online

Whether you’re saying bon voyage to loved ones and friends, or wishing you were the one voyaging, the Sail Away Bouquet  of real Hawaiian flowers is a beautiful way to express your sentiments. It can be a promise of a once-in-a-lifetime trip, or as a memory of a fantastic journey you wish to share.

Either way, this bouquet sends good wishes with a special touch of the tropics. Two different types of exotic Heliconia. Yellow Calathea. Subtly spectacular Midori Anthurium. Tropical palm leaves. Dark red and green leaves from the Polynesian favorite, the Ti plant. All combine to create an exciting Hawaiian ambience that will grace every room.

Did you know that the first sailing ships we know about landed in Hawaii around 300-600 A.D., bringing the original Polynesian settlers? These were double-hulled outrigger canoes, carrying everything needed to start a new life. Today you can sail away to Hawaii aboard whatever fits your fancy, from sailboats to cruise lines.

Still, it is always nice to get home. And no better way to bring a piece of Hawaii to any home than to order flowers online at Hawaii-Tropical-Flowers.com.  Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee assures you that your genuine Hawaii-grown flowers will please whomever you give this beautiful gift.

Includes free floral vase and free FedEx 2-Day Shipping (website orders only), saving you $25!

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The Sail Away Bouquet   $ 119.95