October 24, 2021

Send The Whaler’s Bouquet of Flowers Online

Maui is famous for the great humpback whales who visit her shores each year. Returning to their ancient spawning grounds, Maui’s great citizens of the deeps can be seen blowing, filling the air with a misty haze, breaching, and putting on their acrobatic displays. Best of all, these cetacean behaviors can be seen right from shore!

Our Whaler’s Bouquet  is a tribute to the majesty of the magnificent whales and to those modern “Whalers” who love to watch them. The unique design of this bouquet, with Whaleback Palm leaves for the crowning touch, creates a flower arrangement of rare beauty. Yellow Pincushion Protea and Oncidium Orchids are included to say “Welcome Back” to those who are returning.

Did you know that the most famous town on Maui, the village of Lahaina, was once a major whaling port? At the peak of an era that relied on whale oil for lamps, over 400 whaling ships a year provisioned at Lahaina. Today, Maui has become one of the world’s great whalewatching locations, and Lahaina boasts a large number of researchers, conservationists, and eco-adventure tours.

This fine bouquet is appropriate for those returning, for occasions when you want to extend your Aloha to someone you appreciate, to remember someone… or simply to brighten any room. Order flowers online from Hawaii-Tropical-Flowers.com for your very own ‘welcoming’ flower arrangement.

Includes free floral vase and free FedEx 2-Day Shipping (website orders only), saving you $25!

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The Whaler’s Bouquet   $ 84.95