October 22, 2021

Send The South Pacific Bouquet of Exotic Flowers

Fabled in song and story, the South Pacific has a exotic reputation of being a place where dreams come true. For many, the Moloka`i lifestyle is that dream translated into reality: the leisurely pace, the tropic climate, the exotic flowers, the spirit of aloha that improves every relationship.

Our South Pacific Bouquet  captures that dream with some of the most pleasing and exotic flowers of the Moloka`i Collection. White Owl Proteas, Heliconia Psittacorum, and the Tropic Fleur. Golden yellow Onicidium Orchid sprays. And a selection of Hawaiian greenry, including Ti leaves and Lycopodium stems arrive with your flower delivery. What a combination of tropical delights!

Did you know that Jack London, who sailed the South Pacific with his lovely wife Charmain, and wrote much about Hawaii, lived for a time on Moloka`i? His famous book, “The Cruise of the Snark”, devotes an entire chapter to the week they spent at Kalaupapa enjoying shooting contests, donkey races, and a band concert on the 4th of July.

Life in the South Pacific can still be a dream come to life, and nothing says it better than our South Pacific Bouquet. Flowers, still the traditional gift from Hawaii. Order flower delivery online at Hawaii-Tropical-Flowers.com.

Includes free floral vase and free FedEx 2-Day Shipping (website orders only), saving you $25!

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The South Pacific Bouquet   $79.95